Wordless Wednesday



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13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love the silhouette shot!

  2. I love it. Good to know shadow hummers are easier to photograph. It’s very cool.

    • Lovely shot, Bev! I have thinking of starting participate in Wordless Wednesday, but I can never think of any shots of mine that speak for themselves. This is great Wordless Wednesday shot. Where do I place my vote?

  3. Lovely photo…you DO have a gift for these things.

  4. LOL!! That shot is so cool!!

  5. Oh…I dream of photographing a hummingbird. I never thought of a shadow, but that would do. Clever!

  6. Wonderfully elegant and clever shot–Love it!

  7. Such a cool pic. Haven’t managed a hummingbird pic yet, but love that whole shadown concept. Nice!

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