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I am on my way for yet another business trip. Alas, this one will not allow for any squeezed-in birding. I know I have been absent from my much-loved bird blog for a long while, but hang in there with me, this is my last trip of the year. 

Let me offer you a shot from my Arizona trip.  While in Madera Canyon at the Madera Kubo B&B (incredible birding mecca) I was able to drink my fill of this Hepatic Tanager.  Mmm, wait, that sounds sort of vampiric.  Let me re-phrase, I was able to stare at it for long periods.  Better perhaps, but not as poetic.  It sat in this tree for most of the afternoon, flitting from branch to branch but always in full camera view.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?

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14 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. wonderful looking bird, safe travels


  2. The Hepatic Tanager is a wonderful bird and nice photo. I would love to go birding in Arizona.

  3. Isn’t a vampiric statement appropriate for a blood-red bird?

  4. A gorgeous tanager, indeed. Have a safe trip. Sorry about the lack of birding opportunities.

  5. Lucky you, I’ve got three more ahead in November.

    Great photo of the tanager. I’m going to datamine your posts before my next trip west.

  6. That’s a very beautiful bird and how nice that it stayed in view for such a long time.

  7. It is good when they hang around for you to take photos. A very beautiful bird.

  8. Bev, it was also at Madera Kubo that we saw the Hepatic. Did you see the Flame-colored Tanager as well?

  9. Bob, I didn’t see the Flame. It was gone by the time I got there. It is not a lifer for me, but would be an ABA bird. I really HAVE to get to AZ in the summer.

  10. Gorgeous shot of a beautiful bird Bev. Aren’t you the lucky one having your guests just hang out with you all afternoon?

  11. This Tanager is a very pretty bird. Great photo! Thank you for sharing, Dan.

  12. Sorry for calling you Dan…Bev :-/

  13. Bev, Bev – when are you coming back to blogging?

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