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Bird Photography Weekly

Rufous-capped Warbler

I had had enough.  I was tired from the morning hike and riding in a van on the twisty, turny road was making me nauseous.  Besides, I was leaving the next day and wanted to make arrangements and start packing.  So, I stayed behind on the last afternoon tour, knowing full well that I would miss the Orange-bellied Trogon.   Alone at the Lodge, I dragged a chair into the hedge to sit quietly as the birds came to the fruit feeders.  At first they were suspicious, but since I didn’t move they ignored me.  This Rufous-capped Warbler was poking among the leaves under the feeders, popping in and out of shadow.  This was not a life bird for me, I had seen them in Costa Rica, but he was looker, nonetheless.

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