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South American list so far

As you know I missed my opportunity to go birding in BA.  Big bummer.  But I have been plugging away it every-time I went ashore Uruguay.     There are quite a number of birders aboard too;  so we swap sightings, bird books and past travels.  They have all been to Antarctica.  I am going to seriously consider that for the near future.  Our stop in Itajai Brazil has been cancelled due to the local authorities and their interpretation of some law.  So I guess we will be another day at sea, pitching and tossing in the waves.  sigh. 

Great Grebe; Anhinga; Neotropic Cormorant;  White-necked Heron; Snowy Egret; Maguari Stork; Bare-faced Ibis; Southern Crested Caracara; Peregine; Giant Wood Rail; American Oystercatcher; Southern Lapwing; Greater Yellowlegs; Kelp Gull; Brown-hooded Gull; Picazuro Pigeon; Eared Dove; Picui Ground Dove; Monk Parakeet; Guira Cuckoo; Glittering-bellied Emerald; Golden-breasted Woodpecker; Rufous Hornero; Cattle Tyrant;   Great Kiskadee; Tropical Kingbird; Brown-chested Martin; Blue & White Swallow; Chalk-browed Mockingbird; Rufous-bellied Thrush; Red-crested Cardinal; Rufous-collared Sparrow.

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