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Food Chain Game

food chain game

My sister and I sat on the porch swing sipping cold white wine.  One or the other of us would reach out a foot to push against the floor to keep the swing in motion. The view from the wrap-around porch at the Glacier Park Inn B&B was spectacular.  Vaux’s Swifts darted overhead, a Pileated drummed, the shadows lengthened.  It was a peaceful, gentle time of day.

“You can’t eat me!”

We stopped swinging and looked at each other.

When we came back in, we found out that the other guests were playing a raucous  version of Into the Forest –  Nature’s Food Chain Game.  It is a card game of who eats what and is in turned eaten by what with death and decay being the trump card.  We watched as Millipedes ate grass, were then slurped by Frogs and Toads, who were in turn crunched by Shrews, who soon got gulped by Owls, that met an untimely end by a Bobcat.  What happens to the Bobcat?  Nothing. Only Death and Decay.

food chain cards

But the point of the game is not be the predator and eat everything in sight. Every plant or animal card has energy points.  Whoever has the most energy points wins.  It is a laughing and learning game.  On the spot, I decided I had to have it.

If you are looking for a fun, learning experience that involves eating worms, this is the one for you.


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