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Look out Below!

diving tern


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What’re You Lookin’ At?

Birders on the prowl

Where you goin’?

Birders with scopes

What do ya see?

Rocky beach

I don’t see anything.  Wait. Maybe.

Piping plover

Piping Plovers are tiny shorebirds that look like rocks. Seriously if they weren’t running around all over the place you wouldn’t know they were there.  These are the same birds that close beaches all up and down the eastern seaboard to protect their nests.  They are suffering from habitat loss and their nests are often destroyed by vehicles that can drive on the beach.  They nest above the tide line in a scrape often lined with concealing stones or shells.  There is only something like 7000 in the world.  PP fun fact: part of their courtship display is him stamping his feet.  I’m sorry but that idea is just too cute.

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