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Brekkie with a Willet


Hmmmm, What’s this?  Looks Snacky.


You’ll ‘cuse me if I don’t talk with my mouf full.  (editorial note — cute willet tongue — can you see it?)


I will not puke this back up.  Gulp * swallow* gulp*  Work it, work it.  I’m dyin’ here.


Whew. I think I strained something.


Hmmm, still peckish.  Wonder what else I can find to eat.


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New-fangled Approach to Eating Duckweed

common moorhen

Common Moorhens eat aquatic vegetation, as well as snails, worms, berries and fruit.  Normally I see them picking along at the edge of the reeds.  When I came across several paddling around in a pond covered in duckweed, it was sort of cool looking, so I stopped to take a picture. I noticed that one of them was tilting his head and laying it almost flat on the water to eat the duckweed.  Not for nuthin’ but that is a pretty smart bird.  It has figured out that you get more by the sideways approach rather they the straight down approach.  I only saw the one bird do it.  Amazing the things ya see.


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Wordless Wednesday-Lunch with a Great Egret

City park, New Orleans

Down the hatch

See the fishy lump?

Yum.  That was nice, what\'s next?


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