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Ghostly Encounter

After dropping off my taxes with the man, I decided to drive on down to Oberly Road in Alpha, NJ.  Oberly Road is a birding hotspot for wintering raptors, Snow Buntings, Horned Larks and the much sought-after Lapland Longspur.  Of course, I was hoping for Snow Bunting and the elusive Longspur.  While I got neither, there was a flock of dozens of Horned Larks swirling around and many sparrows.  It was a male Northern Harrier, however, that stole the show.

He appeared out of nowhere, made a few preliminary passes then dove onto a small dark something but then dropped it.  He coursed back and forth over the field intent on finding a meal.  After some minutes he wheeled off to cross the road to search in another field.  I was finally able to breathe again. I do love the gray ghost. I don’t see them often enough.

Oh yeah, and the Horned Larks were nice too.


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Bird Photography Weekly

Driving through the Arizona grasslands in search of quail, bunting, sparrows and longspurs; birds flushed from along the road to sit on rusty wire fences.  The most common bird by far was the Vesper Sparrow.  With those white tail flashes and its bouncing yo-yo flight it was easy to ID.  One small flock of birds turned out not be sparrows but Horned Larks.  Can you see it’s little horn trying to stick up?  It was wonderful to see them in their grassy habitat, I had only ever seen a few of them in NJ in the dead of winter with Snow Buntings.


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