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Birding in the Rain

Early arrival at Wawayanda State Park

I’m birding in the rain
Just birding in the rain
What a glorious feelin’
To see warblers again.

Ok, it was just a passing thought, as I stood in the 40-degree drizzle looking up at dozens of Palm Warblers and Yellow-rumps and 6 or 7, maybe even 10, kinglets (they were everywhere the warblers were. Their ruby crowns were standing up like tiny mohawks). Wait, be still my heart, over there…see it…it’s a Louisiana Waterthrush tail-wagging along the rushing mountain stream. Ah, life is good. I am so glad I detoured to the local state park on my way to do errands. Yes, I know it is not really on the way to anywhere, but most detours are not.

Today’s list was Am. Kestrel, Eastern Phoebes, Palm Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, RC Kinglets, Downy WP, Yellow -shafted Flickers, Pileated WP, Tree Swallows, Song Sparrows, Chipping Sparrow, White-throated Sparrows, LA Waterthrush, Robins, RW Blackbirds, Grackle, Turkey Vultures, and way too many Cowbirds.


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I have my work cut out for me.

Clements Checklist of Birds of the World

I keep lists in every field guide I carry, usually on the inside of the back cover spilling over onto the front if I am fortunate. I have a pocket-sized daily birding dairy that I carry and little bits of paper with birding notes are stuffed in odd corners of the desk. I also make notes on the entries themselves. I am on my 2nd copy of the Birder’s Life List & Diary from Cornell Lab. While this has been working for me for the domestic birds; the international ones are not accounted for anywhere. I have been relying on memory and that has proven less successful of late. My lists are floundering! Horrors, I even noticed that the Turkish birds are jumbled on my domestic list.

Enough! I decided this winter I would sit down with all of these random books and created a master list. I purchased the new edition of Clements. (I had no idea that it was a veritable tome.) I am barely into the Columbiformes. It is a slow go, but I am determined. I want all of these finished before I leave for South America.

How do you keep your lists?


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