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New Technology for the Traveling Birder

I have to tell you about this wickedly cool thing I saw at the conference.  I went to a roundtable on photography and web 2.0.  You know I use a lot of photos on my blog so if there is anything that can make that easier for me I want to know about it.  I saw a demonstration of a wireless memory card for a digital camera.  It sends images instantly from the camera to your favorite photosharing websites like Flickr or directly to your computer.  It is like Polaroid for the digital age.  Instant gratification!  And no cables requiered.  There was a photographer taking pictures all day and they were instantly loading into Flickr and he could share them immediately through a slide show.  It was slick.  Of coures, I had to have one.  So I now own a 2GB Eye-Fi card.  I can’t wait to get home to set it up.  WOOT!  Soon enough you can all see my pictures in real time from wherever I am on the planet.


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