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Sabal Palm Sanctuary Needs our Help

Located at the tip of Texas, close to the border with Mexico (and south of Brownsville, believe it or not) the Sabal Palm Sanctuary is owned and maintained by the National Audubon Society. It protects a small relict stand of the palms that once lined the riverbanks. Migratory birds rest and refuel there. Birds that are at the northernmost part of their range occur there. Birds I haven’t seen. I was just talking with a co-worker about Sabal Palm Sanctuary. She has been there. I have not. I really need to go soon. Before the government constructs the border fence and walls it off.

Audubon is asking birders to sign a petition to stop the border fence from cutting off the sanctuary from the rest of the country and putting it in a no-man’s land. I signed it. I hope you will consider signing it too.

*Note to self: plan a trip to Texas in the fall.

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