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I Must Have a Secret Admirer

Robin's nest

The way to a girl’s heart is not usually through leaving her old bird nests.  But being a birding girl, it works fine.   I opened my front door to check if the contractor had started the work (alas, he has not) to find someone had left a Robin’s nest on my steps.  I don’t know who it was or why, but I love the gesture.

Maybe it was the contractor, the slacker.    This does not leave you off the hook, ya know.

Maybe it was the lawn guy who broke my concrete rhubarb leaf birdbath as a way of saying sorry.

Maybe I truly have a secret admirer, I love the idea.

But it was probably the neighbor girls across the street and not an admirer at all.  They do tend to leave me little gifts.

Have you ever recieved a gift from a secret admirer?


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