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Call of the wild

I was standing at the lookout scanning the water with perhaps half a dozen other birders. We were calling out species and remarking to each other on their beauty and behavior. When faintly, seemingly off in the distance, there was the call of a loon. Everyone’s heads jerked up. We all looked around. My friend prodded me hissing, “Turn off your phone!”

Crap. Right. My phone. I sheepishly fumbled my phone out of my pocket and turned it to vibrate. I apologized for getting their hopes up. And while there was general laughter; I did see some scowls.

I like having bird calls as my ringtones; it does turn a few heads. I have had them for about a year. I think they were like $2.75 a piece. I searched for months and months to find them and there was no selection to speak of. Perhaps it’s better now. I have the loon for any text messages and a red-tailed hawk for calls, although I do swap out barred owl and whippoorwill. If you want to do it too, bear mind that you need either internet or texting capabilities on your phone. And always test your phone and service for compatibility.

Next time you hear a loon, owl, red-tail, wolf or elk look around someone may be pulling out there phone.


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