Birding at lunch

I work in a windowless office in the center of the building in Westchester county NY.  There could be a blizzard outside and I would not know.  I try to get out to breathe the air and see the sunlight if at all possible.  Four laps around the parking lot make a mile (or so I’ve been told.) and I suppose I should do it at a brisk pace not a leisurely stroll, but I find myself watching the birds, examining the wildflowers/weeds, testing the raspberries-that grow along the edge-for ripeness and generally reveling in nature not physical exercise.  I think I will bring you occasional snippets from my lunchtime stroll.  I have seen some pretty cool birds there.  Today’s  BOD (bird of the day)–a rusty red Veery at the top of the lot, pecking at something on the ground.  As I approached it flew off into the woods.  The bins are in the car and I am too lazy to go get them and the bird will be gone anyway.  So I just enjoy it as it is.

Are you able to bird at work?     


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2 responses to “Birding at lunch

  1. Well I’m one of the lucky ones who works in the mountains. So yes, I do get to bird at work. 🙂

  2. J

    I have an office that looks out upon the Genesee river. Usually it’s just gulls, mallards, rock doves, and the occassional sparrow that is observable. This summer there has been a great blue heron that has been coming around this part of the city. And, once they are more adept at flying, I’m sure the recently fledged perigrine falcons will be exploring this part of the river.

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