Housing Starts are Up

I had never actually seen a Chickadee excavating a nest hole before.  I looked up when I noticed bits of stuff raining down from on high.  All I had was the tail view until he pulled out his head, and with a toss, spit out more sawdust.  Then back in the hole he went.  Let me tell you, he was working it hard.


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9 responses to “Housing Starts are Up

  1. Ann Marie

    Bev was this at your house? Either way, a great “get”!

  2. Amy

    Nice! I hope I get to see this someday.

  3. wow..did the chickadee borrow a drill?

  4. Howdee Bev.
    Planning a BwBTC bird outing the end of August..not sure of the Date or the place. Suggestions are welcome.
    Thinking CT or RI.
    Let me know if you are interested.


  5. Very cool photo. I’ve filled nest boxes, made from PVC pipe, up with sawdust and watched as they excavate the nest. Its lots of fun to watch!

  6. My chickadees seem to have lit out for the territories before the job was done. I think it’s up to me to excavate their birdhouse. Except I’m afraid of what I might find.

  7. LOVE your birdie photos! So sweet, I mean tweet!
    Cindy Crane

  8. A nice photo and post. I enjoyed your blog. Thanks

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