Odd Yellow Pine Siskin


While chatting on the phone and idly looking out the window, I noticed an odd Siskin with a small flock pecking around on the ground under the feeders.  It looked positively lemony compared to the other hundred or so swirling around the yard.  People have been reporting “green-morph” Pine Siskins here and there.  I wonder if that is what I have.  I looked in big Sibley and he calls it a “Yellow Adult.”  Look at it on the bottom right of the feeder.  It has more pronounced yellow on the wing and look at that butter butt!  It’s undertail is a pale yellow too.  Being only 1% of the population, I did not think I would see one.  But, by Jove, I think I have one.  What do you think?  Have you ever seen one?


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3 responses to “Odd Yellow Pine Siskin

  1. Well, now that you mention it, I have seen a lemony siskin among the hundred+ that have been snorting our thistle seed. Will take a closer look now.

  2. That’s a fun thing to point out. I haven’t been looking for these. Had fifty on feeders and the ground yesterday that blew in with the front. I like the nice look at the yellow in the wing feathers of the top one, too.

  3. How exciting! Good catch on finding a unique siskin. Normally they’re not so easy to tell apart!

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